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Welcome to The Looking Glass!

Make yourself cozy. Pull up a (utilitarian) chair. Have a refreshing glass of water.

This is a three-part monthly letter for product builders. One part will be product & design, one part leadership & team, and one part personal growth. Every month, I’ll explore a particular theme that connects across these areas.

Put another way, it’ll be focused on your product, your peeps, and you.

Who am I writing for? Those of you who know me well know that secretly, all my writings are essentially letters to myself. It’s the stuff that I need to hear. But, if you are like me — someone who loves building products; someone who is a designer/engineer/pm/researcher/analyst; someone who obsesses about working with others; someone who’d like to better understand herself — then maybe you will enjoy reading this too.

It’s my sincere wish that these letters give you some things to pause and think about in your own journey.

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