The Looking Glass: My Identity = My Job

The past month of essays-as-Twitter-threads, including: how do you delay a product launch? Why should managers learn other functions? And top 7 unintuitive things about growing your career.

Hello friends!

I hope the sun rays feel like smiles on your skin. I hope the spring air fills you with optimism. I hope you can hug your loved ones soon. Here’s the last month of essays-in-the-form-of-twitter-threads.

“My Identity = My Job”

If I had seven tweets to send to a younger version of myself, this would be it.

How to think about quality, deadlines, and the art of bringing up news your boss does not want to hear.

And what the manager career path at senior levels becomes.


Currently: Inspirit. Former Product Design VP @ FB. Author of The Making of a Manager Find me @joulee. I love people, words, and food.

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