The Looking Glass: What Incentives Good Work?

Humbling stories, market dynamics, right playbooks at the wrong times, and other threads.

Dear friends,

The month slipped away from me like red leaves from trees. It’s been an eventful one! I have stared into the dark recesses of a Twitter mob and lived to tell the tale. I have celebrated 2000+ Amazon reviews on my book. I have participated in an Angry Birds Halloween skit (what? That was big 10 years ago? Tell that to my kids.) I hope you’re making nice with cozy knit blankets this autumnal season.

The theme of the past few weeks in these threads? What incentivizes good work?


Our superpower for cognitive dissonance.

Some examples of the contradictions that race through our minds daily.

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Julie Zhuo @joulee

November 15th 2021

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The Right Playbook at the Wrong Time is still Wrong

4 steps to avoiding the pitfalls of misapplying “playbooks.”

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Julie Zhuo @joulee

November 8th 2021

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Everyone, no matter how high they’ve climbed, has humbling stories to share

Why don’t we all tell ours?

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Julie Zhuo @joulee

October 14th 2021

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Market Dynamics and Careers

And why I really really admire video game designers.

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Julie Zhuo @joulee

October 28th 2021

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3 Ingredients for Creative Work (and how to get them)

Note: there are no mention of muses or candles in this thread.

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Julie Zhuo @joulee

November 4th 2021

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Currently: Inspirit. Former Product Design VP @ FB. Author of The Making of a Manager Find me @joulee. I love people, words, and food.

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